Decorating Your Outdoor Space

The colder weather is behind us (or so we hope!), as we head into mid-May! If you haven’t started already, you can decorate your outdoor space now. While your balcony or patio may not be as big as a backyard, our balconies here are spacious. In other words, you have a good amount of outdoor space without the hassle and work of lawn care! Here are some ideas to turn your balcony or patio into your own oasis.



Adirondack chairs are weather resistant and come in a variety of different colors from bright orange to turquoise. Choosing your favorite color allows you to personalize your space. A small bench with outdoor cushions is another great option. You can read a book and watch the sunset. If you’re a morning person, a small table and two chairs might be a better idea. You could enjoy that morning cup of coffee outdoors while listening to the birds sing.


You can hang up a string of lights or drape them along the railing of the balcony. You can also add some solar lights to your area, which are energy efficient. If you enjoy natural light, a citronella candle is a good option!


Hanging flower baskets bring instant color to your area without any work. If you enjoy gardening, you can fill up your own pots! Stop into the office by May 22, 2017 to sign up for the flower giveaway. You get a full flat of flowers, just let us know if you get more sun or more shade on your balcony or patio!


Grilling is a great way to cook your meals in the summer while enjoying your outdoor space. Residents may use an electric grill or a grill with a one pound propane tank. Charcoal grills and propane tanks over one pound are prohibited.

Enjoy decorating and relaxing in your outdoor space!